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Intensive Sessions

Intensive sessions allow access to more material, which can be processed and repaired much faster than in traditional weekly therapy. Additionally, intensive sessions are cost-effective when compared to long-term therapy. Every person's response to treatment is different, depending on the individual and the issue being processed.


The therapist will check in with the client throughout the process to assess level of distress until activation or distress around the event has been adequately reduced.


Karuna Therapy Solutions can also assist clients in setting up self-care services to assist in therapeutic adjustment to processing, feeling safe and secure, and reducing activation during intensive treatment (restorative yoga, massages, reiki sessions) during intensive sessions.*

*additional charges apply

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

EMDR Intensives

EMDR Therapy Intensives can help clients gain symptom relief and access healing more quickly, due to focusing the treatment and leveraging momentum in reprocessing sessions. 


EMDR intensives can range from three hours to two and a half days and are provided by Dawn Ducote, LCSW.

BrainSpotting Intensives

Brainspotting Therapy Intensives help individuals gain symptom relief and healing more quickly, due to the focused nature of the treatment.


Intensives can range from two hours to two days and are provided by Chelsea Bailey, LCSW.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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