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Family & Children

This type of therapy works with children and families focusing on prevention and early-intervention to help minimize long term effects of trauma and stressors. Individual therapy services for children, adolescents, and teens are focused on creating a safe and supportive environment that fosters growth and resilience.  Family therapy is focused on improving communication and understanding of all the members and learning prosocial ways to interact that benefit the whole.

No matter where you or your loved ones are in the process of exploring the world of mental health and therapy, we are here to your unique family system.

We practice cultural humility with each individual and family system we work with, knowing that while we may be experts on mental health, you are the expert on your experiences and family.

Our definition of family is YOUR definition of family – and is inclusive of all families including those which are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, adoptive families, and blended families.

While family therapy is rooted in the caregiver and child relationship, family therapy can also incorporate other key persons in the family’s life. For example, it may be important for some persons to include extended family if they are involved in the caregiver and child relationship. The decision of who is included in this therapy is unique for each family.

What does that really mean?

What happens now that we've
chosen therapy?

In family therapy, we partner with each member of your family to identify what issues we will work on to help you work towards your unique goals. Our clinicians are non-biased and trained to non-judgmentally identify unhelpful interactional patterns, assist you in increasing awareness of how your family functions, and introduce new communication and behavioral skills. While change does not happen overnight, we root our work in evidence-based practices that are brief and have long-term results.


This therapy focuses on the functioning and safety of the entire family system. While there are times family therapy may need to focus on just the caregivers or just the child, present those sessions will still be rooted in the family system.

Therapy with children has its foundation and approach aligned with the developmental stage of the child. Through this therapy, and with your help, we teach the necessary skills for dealing with adversity that will last a lifetime. We use your child’s individual strengths combined with evidence-based practices to guide our treatment. Each child responds differently to stress and adversity, we are passionate about understanding and supporting everyone.

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